“When the Moment Sings”

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When did it become the norm to be attached to our chairs all day?? Sitting in the car – Sitting at our desk – Sitting on the couch watching tv – There are some people out there that allot an hour of “exercise” to their day, but after that hour – then what? Back to sitting for another 8 hours? Exercise is great, I am all for it!! However, adding more movement to our daily life and every day tasks is what we need more of.

I observe people all day, everywhere I go. Watching how individuals use their bodies while walking, running, sitting, jumping, etc. and I always come back to the same question – why don’t people use their whole body while moving? It not only makes the activities mentioned above easier, it allows you to stay embodied and aware in your everyday life.

There are simple ways to do this such as; parking your car further away from your destination, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, sit on the floor as opposed to a chair (rely on your own body and alignment for support). These are just a few ideas – be inventive and experimental.

When I talk about using your whole body while moving, I mean allow for your whole body to be one connected unit. Take walking for example, how do you walk? Do you allow your arms to swing? Are you hips open and fluid? Does your spine undulate? Are you allowing you head to respond to the subtleties of the motion from your spine? Are you yielding in the ground with your feet? Take a walk and ask yourself these questions.

WHEN THE MOMENT SINGS is a video that was introduced to me a couple years ago – and still I find it to be fascinating. The video discusses movement (among other things) how some cultures inhabit their bodies while other cultures tend to forget we have one (link below).

Our bodies are dynamic not static and they are in constant motion – we are always trying to find ways to adapt whether we are aware of this or not.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do.

Be Integrated!

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