Jay Bartley is a Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Rolf Movement® Practitioner and  Certified Realization Process Teacher.  He is the owner of Bartley Rolfing® Structural Integration, located in Silverlake, California. He has trained at The New School of Structural Integration, The Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, The Realization Process (Meditation, Embodiment and Healing Ground), The Hakomi Institute, National Holistic Institute, The Institute of Pyscho-Structural Balancing, Upledger Institute and Equinox.

In 2008, after working in the corporate and banking world for over 10 years, Jay made a drastic and life- saving change; he quit his job and immersed himself in the alternative health and wellness industry.

Jay combines structural bodywork, movement, somatic psychology, meditation and biomechanics in all of his sessions. He is passionate about sharing the potential we all have to live a more embodied and full life. Introducing clients to “drop” into their soma during a Rolfing/Structural Integration, Pilates and or Meditation session is what feeds his soul.  In today’s climate it has never been more important to find a pause in your day, stopping the chatter from the outside world and just listening intrinsically.

Since childhood Jay has been fascinated with the limitlessness of the human body. Growing up in a predominately female environment allowed for his intuitive nature to be nurtured. Jay vividly remembers giving shoulder and hand massages to his aunts and grandmothers that gathered around the dinner table to play their monthly round of cards.

Jay was always involved in a variety of sports including soccer and gymnastics, which led him to his first dance class during his teenage years. He has been a performer and a choreographer for over twenty five years. He has studied modern dance, ballet and jazz – trained in Graham, Hawkins, Klein and Laban/Bartenieff techniques. He was also a touring member of several Los Angeles based modern dance companies including The Stephanie Gilliland Company, Tongue and a founding member of Method Contemporary Dance. Today, he continues to create solo or small group work in and around Los Angeles.

In addition, he recently became certified in Rolf® Movement and an Advanced Rolfer® at the Dr Ida Rolf Institute.

Whether someone lives a sedentary life or is a professional athlete, Jay’s clientele can be anyone  with a human body. We often overthink without feeling our way through. We can live our best lives by listening and building a deep relationship with our bodies and Structural Integration and body centering is a path to achieving this.

Our lives have become chaotic, busy and noisy.  I am committed to offering a calm and safe space to all of my clients and facilitate new ways to inhabit our bodies.

Example of Core Sessions Adjustments