New Year. New You? (What does this even mean)
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I recently read this “catchphrase” for enticing people to enroll in gym memberships and I thought it was offensive, so…I … Read More

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After she propels herself through space trusting us that we will catch her with our grip.  We work as a community … Read More

Back Body
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Our back body, think and feel that for a second.  What does having a back body mean to you?  Have … Read More

Limb to Limb
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If you have an animal (in my case, dogs) or even if you don’t have an animal go visit a … Read More

In your body
with No Comments   The busy lives we lead can get the best of us. We tend to put taking care … Read More

Habitual Movement – Is there room for change?
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Recently – I was in a dance rehearsal being challenged by this relatively simple movement phrase. It went something like … Read More

Movement Exploration – Connect To Your Breath
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Finding some quiet time during the day is a vital and important part of taking care of yourself. Sensing, feeling, … Read More

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