You can’t get beyond the body unless you free the body itself. – Ida Rolf

Rolfing® Structural Integration integrates, aligns and balances the physical body within its gravitational field by releasing and reorganizing your whole body. By using my hands to work on constrictions within the system and utilizing movement explorations. The Ten series is a recipe but is unique to each individuals needs and one of the many goals is to continue to find balance and ease within one’s system.

The first three sessions of The Ten Series are called “The Sleeve Sessions”. The middle sessions are called “The Core Sessions”, and touch on the deeper structures. The last three sessions, are “The Integration Sessions”.

Session 1 – Breath, expansiveness, length and lift

Session 2 – Finding your base of support

Session 3 – Front and back balance

Example of Sleeve Sessions Adjustments

Session 4 – Medial Line

Session 5 – Front Line

Session 6 – Back Line

Session 7 – Top of the Core – Your head

Session 08 – Integration – unfolding
Session 09 – Functional Integration
Session 10 – Adaptability, balance, ease, coordination