You can’t get beyond the body unless you free the body itself. – Ida Rolf

Structural Integration integrates, aligns and balances the physical body within its gravitational field by releasing and reorganizing the fascia or connective tissue that surrounds the muscles. Dr. Ida Rolf discovered that the human body was organized in layers and that it responded the most positively by working the fascia layer by layer much like an onion.  The Ten series is a recipe but is unique to each individual’s needs. The first three sessions of The Ten Series are called “The Sleeve Sessions”, with focus on the superficial fascia. The middle sessions are called “The Core Sessions”, and touch on the deeper myofascial structures. The last three sessions, are “The Integration Sessions”, they create functional and structural adaptability.

Session 1 – Opening the Sleeve
Attain lift, length and breath.

Session 2 – Support for the body
Experience balance and support.

Session 3 – Lateral Line
Embody front and back balance.

Example of Sleeve Sessions Adjustments

Session 4 – Medial Line
Increase core support beginning at your feet and legs working towards your midline.

Session 5 – Anterior Line
Lengthening the front of your core will give you a deeper sense of front to back balance.

Session 6 – Posterior Line
Lengthening the back of your core will allow you to experience a fluid spine.

Session 7 – Top of the Core
Building relationships between your spine, head and neck.

Session 8 – Structural Integration
Creating a sense of stability and adaptability in your body.

Session 9 – Functional Integration
Relationships will deepen between your intrinsic and extrinsic muscles.

Session 10 – Integration
Experience ease and effortlessness.