The body is the personality exploded into three dimensions – Ida Rolf

Structural Integration/Rolfing® is an exquisite form of bodywork that improves your posture, creates space, alleviates pain/discomfort and unwinds deeply held habitual movement patterns.

Dr. Ida P. Rolf, a revolutionary in her own right created this holistic approach of working with the body, restoring it to its natural stare of balance and alignment.

Structural Integration utilizes soft tissue mobilization and movement to lengthen, revitalize and reorganize the fascia (connective tissue). Fascia is what supports our entire body, wrapping around our muscles, bones and organs. The web like tissue is our body’s internal system of flexible support – giving it stability and shape.

The connective tissue matrix responds to injury, constant discomfort, compensation and habitual movement patterns that have us fighting against gravity. When your fascia shortens, and becomes compressed, it becomes less optimal, causing your body to resort to compensation and strain, pulling it out of alignment.

Structural Integration/Rolfing® is a holistic form of bodywork that releases restrictions due to habitual movement patterns, your environment and physical or emotional injuries. Through Structural Integration you will discover equipoise, enhanced body awareness , curiosity, elimination of pain, increased flexibility and range of motion.

Tune ups

Like your vehicle our bodies need tune ups. After your initial 10 series, we can discuss options to continue working together that works for you and your lifestyle. The time frame is different for everyone.

Who gets integrated?

Structural Integration is for everyone that has a body. My clientele range from sedentary to fitness enthusiasts. Clients are drawn to this work due to injuries, finding alternatives to their movement habits or a need to discover their bodies on a deeper level. I have been a dancer for 30 years and I like to think of a Structural Integration session as a duet -relational, harmonic, and balanced.

What does a session look like?

Wear loose and comfortable clothing.

Women- Yoga shorts, sports bra, shorts (material that is stretchable)
Men- Shorts (material that is stretchable)

  • Sessions are 75 minutes in length
  • You will be lying down, standing, moving and walking
  • Sessions include palpation, soft tissue manipulation, movement and dialogue