Back Body

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Our back body, think and feel that for a second.  What does having a back body mean to you?  Have you ever thought/felt it? Does it hold you back? Does it hold you up?  What is holding you?  Are you aware of your spine and skeletal system?  Are you in tune with the fascia and muscles that surround this area of your body?  Are they all connected?  Do you immediately think of your BACK (hips to neck) or do you think of your heels to the top of your head?

Our back body is often ignored,  If you can’t or don’t see it… it doesn’t exist, right?  Experiment throughout the day, while you are driving, how does your back, glutes and tail  feel against the seat of your car?  When you are sitting in a restaurant are you aware of you back body? When you are standing in line at the store are you thinking of your back, do you have a sense of someone standing too close to you.  Again, experiment and experience. There is not a right or wrong answer, It’s YOUR experience –  It’s about embodiment,  bringing more awareness to what you are FEELING IN YOUR BODY.

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