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After she propels herself through space trusting us that we will catch her with our grip.  We work as a community to support and release her into the ground to continue the dance that we have come to show you.  Through continued movement we will find ways to slither, crawl, jump, fall, land, and roll into the unknown.  

The image captured reminds me of many things that we may or may not be aware of in our daily lives.   How often do we hold on to something so tight we can’t even feel our own breath?  Is there a way to lessen our grasp, feel the qualities of what you are holding onto so tightly.   It could range from holding on tightly to how you see yourself to gripping your toothbrush, clenching the whole of your hand, arm and jaw (and then some).  

 How often do you allow support into your life?  Support can look different in many ways,  leaning on another person for emotional and or physical support to giving into the ground, utilizing your legs and feet for support.  

How often do you move with intention, awareness, ease and playfulness?  Lie on your back on the ground, rock your heels and feel the wave of the rocking.   Notice what moves and what doesn’t.  How can you get more movement in that one tiny area that isn’t moving?  Or feel the current travel from your feet to the crown of your head.  Notice. 

It’s all unknown until you try it.  

Photo: GingerSolePhotography 

Dancers: Chelsea Asman, Jay Bartley, Jodie Mashburn

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